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Communications in the Workplace Research Paper Starter

Communications in the Workplace

❶At its simplest, communication starts when the sender decides to transmit a message to the receiver.


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There are a number of different types of barriers to communication that can lead to miscommunication by hindering the unambiguous transmission and reception of a message between parties trying to communicate. Communication barriers include different perceptions of a situation, filtering, language, jargon, and ambiguity. Other sources of miscommunication include the degree to which the vocabulary professional, technical, or general of the two persons is shared, differences in their assumptions and expectations, and their relative skill at forming and decoding messages.

For example, Harvey may wish to tell George that the budget report that he had turned in was acceptable. So, Harvey forms a message: The terse "good job" may not carry with it sufficient information to supply George with the feedback he is seeking.

As a result, George may think that Harvey did not appreciate his work or that Harvey did not think that George had done an outstanding job. Therefore, even though Harvey may have been trying to praise George, the message that George receives is that the work was neither extraordinary nor noteworthy.

Such a situation can result in resentment or discouragement and may damage the relationship between the two co-workers. This perspective helps determine how an individual will react to what the other person says or does.

For example, in the illustration of Harvey and George above, if George has entered the situation with the perception that Harvey is less than pleased with his previous work, then the off-hand "good work" could make him doubt his competence in other areas or lower his self-esteem.

On the other hand, if his perception is that Harvey is pleased with his work in general, then the off-hand "good work" could be a confirmation even if Harvey was condemning the report with faint praise.

On a small scale, this could cause needless friction in the workplace. However, if the miscommunication is between George and a customer, it could potentially lead to lost contracts or hours spent focusing on the wrong thing because an off-hand remark was misunderstood. Different perceptions, however, are not the only reason for miscommunication in the workplace. Because the nature of workplace communication is often more formal than social, communications are often filtered to remove unwanted messages.

For example, the culture in some organizations rewards good news but punishes bad news. There is a way out. In this blog, I will show you that there are actually several essay topics in communication that are trending, relevant and current at the moment and you can definitely write brilliant essays on these topics.

Some of these topics would relate to Social media, Interpersonal Communication, Gaps in Communication especially seen in Divorce , and the negative correlation between depression and communication.

Selecting any of these topics would help you to ace the communication essay easily, and yes, without breaking a sweat. Simply stick to some basic rules while writing a communication essay and number one rule of writing a perfect communication essay is to be — communicative.

Yes, your communicative essay has to be articulate, precise, clear and distinctly personable and relatable in style and content.

A communication essay is different from other essays, because a communication essay is about real-life issues and deals with issues related to real-life communication and real-life examples. First rule of Communication research? Some of the major essay topics in communication could be on social media, because social media is so hot and trendy right now. What are the unique features of social media communication? How do you communicate and interact through social media and how is that communication different from real-life communication?

What are the pros and cons of social media communication? Topics can range from the harmful impact of social media communication to the positive influence of social media, and how social media has changed the rules of communication, especially the direction of online communication and networking.

The second subject area in communication research could be on some essay topics on interpersonal communication and how individuals interact in real-life scenarios.

Some of the research questions that can be tackled in interpersonal communication are how is interpersonal communication changing human interaction in the real-world? What are the features or unique aspects of interpersonal communication?

How do you study interpersonal communication? What are the basic rules or tenets of interpersonal communication? How does research on interpersonal communication help us to understand the basis of human interaction? You can also provide a thesis statement on depression and a thesis statement on divorce which provide the basis for research on communication during depression and divorce. What is the importance of communication that can prevent or stop divorce between couples?

How is communication gap or a lack of communication between couples responsible for almost all divorce cases? What are the consequences and solutions to overcome communication gap within marriages?

How is communication gap between couples reduced to sustain long-term marriages? Considering depression and mental illness, communication topics would relate to the breakdown or lack of of communication or communicative abilities in depression and mental illness.

Research questions in mental health and communication could focus on what are the negative communication issues in mental health and depression? What could be the communication breakdown pattern in depression and mental illness? Are depressive patients averse to open communication? How is communication or communicative abilities in individuals affected by depression or mental illness? What are the unique communication patterns shown by depressive patients?

The Voice of Rhetoric. Responsibilities of the Modern Media. What is Interactive Media? Devoloping an Effective Message. The Media - Difference between entertainment and news. Generic Paper On A Speech fill in blanks.

Essence of Effective Communication.

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Communication studies is often considered a part of the social sciences or the humanities department within major universities. Communications courses will often draw on other disciplines, including: engineering, architecture, mathematics, sociology, psychology, computer science, gender and .

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The discipline of communication has grown in popularity from the time professors of journalism and speech decided, in the mids, that the term communication was an excellent general descriptor for the theory and research that each group aspired to create.

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Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Communication in the Workplace - The average worker spends two-thousand and eighty hours a year at their place of employment. The peculiarity of an effective communication paper is that it deals with a person's communication processes. It combines such branches and disciplines as sociology, fine arts, anthropology, ethics. During your communication studies course, you usually go deep into several types of communication as interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric, media communication and performance studies.

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Description: Murdoch S2/ assignment paper for Communication Research. Group Member: Musaab Mohamed Adam.4/4(4). Aug 26,  · Finally research papers that you write must captivate the interest of your readers, colleagues, supervisors and fellow researchers. Making a research paper interesting is purely your domain, and would depend on your personal ability, as it is /5(39).