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❶Why should she be the one to kill her friends, but more importantly why does she want to?

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Trust & Trustworthiness
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The Meanings of Trust

Just as every person has his or her own way of deciding issues of trust, every role a person plays will also have its own understanding of trust based on the specific goals and priorities of that role. When you walk into a store that you have patronized for years, you have a level or trust about handing over your money in exchange for goods; the merchant may approach this transaction with an entirely different level of anxiety about your ability to pay — maybe a new employee is ringing you up — or your ownership of the credit card you proffer.

Trust means different things to different people, to different roles, and in different scenarios. The path people take to a level of trust can vary greatly, because some people work from the premise that trust must be earned, and some from the premise that trust is assumed but can be lost.

Trust plays an important part in any transaction, but it may not be a conscious part. On a basic level, when we enter into a transaction, we make decisions about our participation: Trust is not a characteristic that inheres in an ecommerce site; trust is a judgment made by the user, based on general experience learned from being a consumer and from the perception of the particular merchant.

In every transaction, both roles of buyer and seller must make a decision about trusting the other participant. Good signs include professionalism of design, longevity, service, selection, positive anecdotal comments from other users, and even more points derived from personal experience. There is no oversight group that can objectively anoint a web site as being completely trustworthy.

Trust is a subjective judgment that must be made by every user for any site, because individual goals vary and definitions of trust are unlikely to be consistent.

The merchants face the difficult task of selling themselves to the user based on the web site interface and on the advertising of the brand. Commerce sites can influence their impression of trustworthiness by carefully designing their site to avoid amateurishness, set and meet reasonable user expectations, and address common user concerns about privacy and security.

Some users will react to a positive answer to these questions, incrementally working towards a personal measurement of a passing score for trustworthiness. Others will react to negative answers, presuming a site is trustworthy but experiencing doubt when one of these issues suddenly appears to be less than satisfactory.

There are no uniform answers to these questions, and no uniform attitudes of users towards these cues. The factors that produce a sense of trustworthiness need to be identified, in their entirety. Their interactions need to be understood, and their relative importance determined. Understanding the roles of these different factors would allow online retailers to ease consumers' concerns, and could hasten the maturation of Web retailing.

This study has some valuable insights into user attitudes towards trust and ecommerce sites, and is clearly required reading for anyone interested in understanding online commerce. I do, however, have some issues with the report. I suppose I will just start out with what I view as trust, and my experiences with it. Perhaps that will lead me to an explanation. I may even have a sudden great realization, just by reviewing and analyzing my past!

I have not had the best experience with trust. It has been an excruciatingly painful and difficult road for me, not to mention a confusing one. I have been turned on, backstabbed, kicked while on the ground, you name it. People seem to always break their trust with me. They gain it, and then do something to lose it all. Now when I was younger meaning up until about six or so months ago It did not take much for me to trust someone.

If I became friends with someone, after some time, I felt like I could tell them my life story, and it would be safe with them. I learned about teenage humans the hard way. Not many can really be trusted. From my middle school years, I would have many hurtful tests, and learn lessons that would shape me into the untrusting and, fortunately much wiser person who writes this paper.

High school would get no better. With crushes came emotional vulnerability. This would be one of my many downfalls. I was hurt the most in this way. I was taught to be a friendly, caring, and loving child. I made friends easily until middle school. Our society now days has put trust as something that is self destructive and not necessary because so many people abuse trust and therefore end up hurting themselves as well as people around them. Not just in intimate relationships.

Friends come and go and sometimes what they do stays with you for a long time even forever and if you let it affect you then you can never have good friendships in the future because you always go back to what this friend did or what that friend did and the people trying to make friends with you now pay for what the others have done.

Trusting someone that you are not intimate with is very hard especially if you are in an intimate relationship and the friend is the same sex as you because if you are not a trusting person then you start to worry that this friend is going to try to push themselves in between you and your partner but then that is where you have to trust your partner to never let that happen and to tell you if it does even start to happen.

Move on and make more friends that will be trustworthy to you. There are also lifestyles out there that trust is extremely important. Trusting your partner not to hurt you or to do something that could cause you bodily or permanent harm is important because then you are more likely to have fun and get pleasure from the experience but at the same time your partner has to trust you to tell them if they do something that you are uncomfortable with or that hurts you too much.

They have to trust you to tell them your limits if you have any but you also have to trust in them that they will honor those limits and not intentionally do bodily or permanent harm to you.

Trust is a very rare thing to find in this life now but when you do find it and you are able to give it in return your life is so much better and more fulfilling for everyone involved. You are a happier person because you are comfortable being able to let down your guard and allow yourself to be vulnerable with people in your life whether they are family, friends, co-workers, people your intimate with, or even people that you share a lifestyle with.

At the same time the people in your life can look at you and see someone that is confident not only in themselves but also in their life and where it is going.

No, trusting is not always easy especially if you are allowing yourself to trust someone that has hurt you in the past but if you truly feel in your heart that trusting this person to gain what trust that have is worth it then there should be no reason that is should be so difficult that you cannot progress through it together. Simply keep moving forward and you will have a wonderfully fulfilling life that will be filled with good people that care and are trustworthy.

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Trustworthiness is something all employers expect in potential employees. A trustworthy person is a valuable and reliable person. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

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Rather, it is a attitude and a pattern of behavior that honors the trust placed in us. What does trustworthiness look like in a person? (1 response).

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