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Education Field Observation Report Essay

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❶It is conceivable to argue that an ethnography such as that crafted by Turnbull may have eschewed proper ethical considerations…… [Read More]. Instead, they relied exclusively on the methodical, observable, and scientific observation of behavior.

I observed a five-year-old female playing at a playground. The tasks witnessed were running, playing on a slide, ascending stairs, and climbing on a jungle gym a circular interlocked metal object with a ladder. Play was performed in the presence of her mother and older brother. The preschooler is a very social individual who is making friends and exploring the world 4. This child had a tendency to mimic the actions of her older, seven-year-old brother.

He made a point of showing his sister when he walked up the slide rather than sliding down it. Repition is a coping behavior and helps children learn 2. She was so amused by her brother that she started to copy the action and, when mastered, called to her mother to watch her perform this amazing feat. The child…… [Read More]. Psychology Is a Multifaceted Field.

The Evolution of Counseling Psychology. Qualitative esearch in Practice: Quantitative Methods in Psychology. Exploring the Interactive Continuum. Southern Illinois University Press. Validity of ogerian Therapy in Turkish Culture: Risk Management the Field of. In terms of the management of the risk, this can be completed through either one or more of the following techniques: Once the company has decided to accept and mitigate the risk, it has several solutions to managing the risk.

The challenge at this level is for…… [Read More]. Audits in the Field of Nursing Both. Audits In the field of nursing, both qualitative and quantitative data are useful and needed. How does the patient "feel," what are some not quantittiative things one notices.

Often, though, in charting a patient, a medical professional is able to quantify some of the qualitative data e. The quantitative data are data that can be easily measured and work in tandem to provide a way to make a cogent diagnosis for the patient.

Qualitative data is also part of the nurse's ability to make judgments about the quality and morality of situations, indeed, taking the principles of nursing ethics beneficence, autonomy, etc.

Some of this is, of course, related to secondary data sets from other research studies outside the purvue of patient-care,…… [Read More]. NIn spite of touch being very significant as a communication means, very little is known on why and when touch takes place and what can be deduced when it takes place in opposite-gender or same-gender interactions.

Studies focusing on this topic concerning gender and touch have had a focus on touch occurrences that are observed, those that are reported, the beliefs people hold on touch meanings, the perceptions of observers on the interactions taking place and the empirical assessments made on the responses registered for those acts of touch.

But the relevant literature is actually bigger than the amount that researchers in the field seem to be aware of. A study that was semi-structured did an investigation…… [Read More]. Dream of Having a Career in Field. This shaped my thinking by wanting to understand logic and the way conclusions were reached utilizing complex formulas. Along the way, this fueled my sense of motivation in assisting others.

It focused on not only my own personal satisfaction, but the joy I experience when they succeeded. This is because I am an international student, who is the first in his family to go to college and can relate to the challenges they are experiencing.

During this time, I dedicated myself to education and gaining real world experience. My journey took me to Ohio State University. This is where I received my Bachelors in Actuarial Science. Never giving into the temptations of college life, as I always remained focused on working in the field. I am motivated to use advanced statistics to help corporations, entrepreneurs…… [Read More]. Use of Drones in Field Biology. The news media has offered up dramatic images of studies underway, for example of orca populations off the coast of British Columbia, but there are many studies around the world that are using drones.

The advantage of drones is that they can fly above marine environments, providing an overhead view of those environments. This can be valuable in terms of counting animal populations for example, because with drones animals typically do not change their behaviors Schiffman, Drones have become a popular tool for field biologists in part because drone technology is improving and the cost of these devices is falling Schiffman, In some fields, such as the observation of marine life in Antarctic sea ice, it has been noted that the normal observation is…… [Read More].

Nursing Informatics Field Experience. Clinical Experience The American Nurses Association define nursing informatics as the mixture of computer and information science and nursing towards improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Nursing informatics is a career that has developed from the evolution of health informatics, which involves the use of knowledge to examine and translate health data into useful information that can be utilized in enhancing patient outcomes through improved processes.

As the healthcare field continues to adopt technology rapidly, nursing informatics is one of the educational programs that has emerged to prepare the workforce towards effective use of health information technology to enhance patient care delivery Dalrymple, Nursing informatics education include formal graduate programs that provide both theoretical and practical training which includes working with an already practicing preceptor.

Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in the Field. Evidence-ased Nursing and Research In the field of nursing, understanding how to apply specific research can help everyone to provide more effective care to patients.

This is because the techniques and ideas that are discussed will have an impact on how they are applied. To fully understand this we will examine two different articles that are discussing specific quantitative and qualitative techniques in the field.

Once this occurs, is when we can see how these ideas could be utilized in a modern health care environment. What we will be focusing on are the different methodologies that are utilized and the impact that they are having on the way various techniques are continually applied in the field. This will be accomplished by comparing the methods…… [Read More]. Leadership and innovation in nursing seen through a historical lens.

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 70 7. Aim of the Article and Main Findings There was a time when technology was a distant vision in the minds of healthcare professionals, but the values that emerged from nurses nearly a hundred years ago are values that should be alive and well today notwithstanding all the wonderful tools that the healthcare field has today.

The point of the research is to review interviews that were conducted with nurses that worked and trained…… [Read More]. I felt proud and lucky. I had held the proud and shinny image of the 56th ACT in my head for the last two years.

When I returned, there had been some significant changes. It has not been long since I returned, and with the division commander losing confidence in the ability of COL Timmons to be an effective commander of the brigade, I now command the 56th ACT. On my mind always was how I was going to restore the image of the 56th.

I know it will be hard and challenging, but one thing I am sure of is that it can be done. I have had vast experience in the brigade. Communication in 'Quiet Backs' Pattern. Evidently, the neighborhood patrons are the 'insiders' while the strangers are considered 'outsiders in the cafe; the business group is categorized between these two groups insiders and outsiders.

What is remarkable in this cafe is that it lacked the artificiality of friendliness that popular coffee shops like Starbucks seem to cultivate. In this cafe, friendliness is natural, though exclusive in the sense that regular customers received a warmer welcome by the customers as compared to those who were just passing by.

Since most of the customers are regulars, I have observed that they can easily distinguish whom they should be friendly with: Those who were just passing by, however, only received the politeness of the staff, while most of the customers were indifferent to them. Evidently, it is…… [Read More]. Coding Data Analysis Technique Coding. However, additional observation visits in the site could help provide more in-depth information that will yield sub-categories for the category, "Activities in the skateboard park.

It could be that the observation "hanging out" can be further subdivided into other observations. However, in coding, the key to determining categories and sub-categories is rich in-depth data, which could only be collected by conducting frequent observation visits in the site.

During the coding process, I realized that as the researcher-observer, I become more focused on my observations that are recurring and more relevant to the purpose of the site skateboard park. As I go on…… [Read More]. Memory as a Child When I Was.

The eldest of five children in an impoverished dysfunctional family, my mother often made me look after my younger siblings. My mother was upstairs on the neighbor's phone while I watched my ten-month-old sister, name.

Suddenly, name started choking and turning blue. Petrified, I did not know what to do. I screamed for my mother, who came rushing down the stairs and immediately called for an ambulance. Although name had a freak heart attack, and I was not to blame, guilt plagued me for years as she became blind, deaf and mute. As I matured, I realized that I was not culpable for name's illness and death at a young age. I also realized that this experience so early on in life, along with my impaired home life,…… [Read More].

However, the ability to criticize and gain depth into a subject was the key factors involved in qualitative research. In order for qualitative research methods to be applied to qualitative research, these methods had to undergo some form of transformation to make them acceptable to the empirical mindset. He argues that one cannot have criticism and validity at the same time. However, this is a difficult viewpoint to accept and if one examines the method to be employed in this research, the presence of validity and controls does not limit the ability to criticize the results.

Increasing validity and reliability in the qualitative research means the development of criteria on the data collection. This may be a hindrance in the traditional sociological setting, such as field…… [Read More]. Presence of Multiple Views and. However, the researchers can visualize the 'holistic' strategies even involve wide scope for utilization of computing resources as the basic instruments for collection and analyzing the data.

Willis; Jost, The usage of computers has played a significant role in quantitative research; likewise they have the ability to offer considerably to qualitative research. The quantity of data that is regularly gathered is the main restriction in carrying out successful qualitative research, as researchers tend to be intimate to a phenomenon of interest.

With the text volume, there is an exponential raise of the variety of construct classifications and of patterns of constructs, which can come out from qualitative data. Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest. A Quantitative Cross-sectional Survey" by Prem et al. The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge of nursing professionals about palliative care through a palliative care knowledge test PCKT Prem et al.

A cross-sectional survey has been done amongst nurses working in a multi-speciality hospital by using a questionnaire PCKT, unlike qualitative study done by Dykes et al. A general finding of the quantitative study was in agreement with the previously established facts of poorer knowledge of palliative care but…… [Read More]. Internal P Loading in Shallow. This study demonstrates that different total P. This study is important in that it highlights the complexity of understanding P. There are a multitude of potential reactions in any body of water.

Oxygen plays a role in the reactions of any individual lake, but one cannot make predictions based on oxygen level alone. Shallow lakes differ from stratified lakes in many ways. A stratified lake typically reaches equilibria in such a manner that it becomes divided into regions.

This is not the case with shallow lakes. Total chlorophyll to phosphorus ratios are different in these various…… [Read More]. Turnbull Ethno Colin Turnbull's Ethnography. On the other hand, this return to a people made largely more recognized by Turnbull's first ethnography does suggest something about the ethnography itself where anthropological purpose is concerned.

Namely, the degree to which the people of the Mbuti tribes may have been exposed to the larger intersection with the modern world as a result of Turnbull's first work is illustrative of the way that research can actually interfere with and alter the course of its subject's experience. To an extent, the ethnography may be a double-edged sword, with its apparent benefits through immersion taking on troubling implications where the researcher's immersion itself becomes a factor in shaping data and outcomes.

In addition to distorting intended findings, this also calls into question various ethical concerns where scientific examination is concerned. It is conceivable to argue that an ethnography such as that crafted by Turnbull may have eschewed proper ethical considerations…… [Read More]. Overcoming Barriers to Change Introduction and Theoretical Framework This program of study continues personal research and professional practice in the field of nursing within the area of public and private health systems.

In an era characterized by increasing calls for more efficient approaches to healthcare delivery and accountability on the part of healthcare providers, there is a growing need for identifying opportunities to overcome organizational barriers to change that facilitate the implementation and sustainment of evidence-based practices over time.

In order to accomplish this challenging enterprise, the nature of existing organizational barriers must be better understood, an issue that directly relates to the problem to be considered by the study proposed herein and which is discussed further below. Cultural Dimensions "Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.

Geert Hofstede After working for six years as a clinical psychologist at BM, both collecting and analyzing data from over , individuals from forty different counties, Hofstede became interested in the sociology of communication between people of different cultures.

An expert, Hofstede's influential wisdom on the interactions between national cultures and organization cultures begot a model identifying five dimensions to differentiate cultures; these dimensions, particularly as they relate to strategy, team communications, influence tactics, and conflict management, are integral in analyzing the cultural communications of such vastly different states as the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Spain.

Archaeology is a social science, with an emphasis on the word science. This means that the work that is conducted is done in a systematic acquisition of new knowledge about nature and the body of already existing knowledge gained. The scientific method is based on careful observation and the testing of theories by experiments. Archaeology uses these scientific procedures to study antiquities such as the remains of buildings or monuments of an early age, inscriptions, implements, written manuscripts and other relics.

An archaeological excavation, therefore, consists of a process including an initial site survey, breaking the area to be excavated into quadrants, carefully removing soil, recording precise locations of objects and features or provenance, marking and photographing each incremental soil layer every piece of information retrieved from the site must be related to the layers, finds and structures around it, so that the complex relationships that contribute to the interpretation…… [Read More].

Electronic Monitoring Devices in Corrections. House arrest or home confinement started as a program to handle particularly as a sentencing substitute meant for drunk drivers, but rapidly spread over to a number of other offender populations in a lot of jurisdictions.

Depending on the nature of crime committed by the offenders, home confinement has been designed with various degrees of stages of restrictions. These can vary from ordinary curfews to complete confinement. For instance, the home confinement program of the Federal courts extends three separate levels of restrictions under the U. Probation and Pretrial Services, Under the first level ie.

Under the second level house arrest it requires on the part of the participants to stay at home round the clock save for attending to work, school, treatment etc. Attributes of the Ideal in. Vision, interpersonal skills, and courage. Leaders, as students, also need to demonstrate the courage to "stay the course" when they have to make hard choices.

They Effective in…… [Read More]. Disaster Medical Assistance Teams Dmat. This would likely have resulted in a long delay in raising suitable support to those health care professionals already at the disaster site. This was due to the problems which relief staff had in getting to the facility and also the problems which had been caused at the hospital due to the power failures and the structural damage that had been inflicted on the hospital Cohen and Mulvaney.

This initial aid that the DMAT provided was invaluable, as if they had not been so well prepared and arrived so early there would have been far greater pressure on the staff at the hospital, which would have greatly reduced the quality of care which the patients received. Threat Analysis A Foreign Intelligence Entity FIE can be delineated as any identified or suspected foreign organization, individual, or group, whether private, public, or governmental, that undertakes intelligence activities to obtain United States information, block or damage U.

In particular, this term takes into account an international terrorist organization and also a foreign intelligence and security service. Pakistan is deemed to be one of the fast-paced and rapidly developing nations in the [1: Center for Development of Security Excellence.

Owing to the country's strategic positioning in the core of all the nuclear adversaries, it had grown and develop to become of the best intelligence services…… [Read More]. Eyes Chiapas Mattiace Shannan L. Ironically, this method of containment failed: In the s and the s, the programs of the National Indigenous Institute INI continued the official assimilationist policy of the Mexican government.

There also the question if indigenous people's function in government should be participatory or if the tribes should have regional or local autonomy. Still, the NIH, for all of its many flaws, kept alive indigenous political organization, dialogue, and cohesion.

During the s, the NIH became less assimilation-focused in nature and more populist in quality, given the liberal policies of President Luis Echeverria. Echeverria reflected the dual consciousness of class and indigenous culture advocated by…… [Read More]. Integrated Urban Port and Harbor Planning With Environmental Assessment and Coast Guard Facilities Port planning is a multifaceted project that involves technical, operational, economic, social, and environmental aspects.

The projects may range from terminal rehabilitation until altering the whole area into a communal park, involving several different aspects in economic, social, cultural, ethical, and environmental goals. Every area has unique resources, which need to be incorporated into the whole planning process based on the local legal regulation.

As with differences in geographical characteristics, it is necessary to find particular approach to the short- and long-term goals of the port, and every detailed construction or facilities provided. The port and harbor must meet the need on how to convert the urban area into a beneficial site as well as to maintain its original characteristics of the landscape including - and without overlooking - the resident people's objectives for the future. How Gender Impacts Our Lives.

The Global Source for Science News entitled "Women most effective leaders for today's world" states that according to the findings of a study in Psychological Bulletin, 3 , a meta-analysis indicates that "on average, women in management positions are somewhat better leaders than men in equivalent positions. The context, I think, is important and I do not feel that both genders are equally effective at all leadership positions across the board.

In my field observation of my friend, a girl my own age, I asked how her gender impacted her…… [Read More]. Universal Triage System in Emergency. Our study is however geared towards the assessment of applicability of the universal triage system in emergency clinical work. The current triage systems are somehow one-sized-fits it all in their design Veenema, He points out that the main problem with the existing triage methodologies is the fact that they are not tailored for all situations such as weapons victims but are just normal pediatric scenarios.

This therefore means that some of the components of the various triage systems are most likely to fail under certain circumstances as a result of the disparity in the physiological baselines used in coining the various triage systems. Because there is a labor dispute, the season is not being played.

That is frustrating fans and is also upsetting the…… [Read More]. Developing a Sampling Plan. Sampling Plan Before discussing a sampling plan, there has to be clear and unambiguous definitions of what a sample and sampling are. According to Deming , sapling is a science, which specifically guides quantitative studies, materials, behavior and the different causes of difference.

In other aspects of research such as the qualitative research, sampling could be considered as the art of selecting a part of a population, in a given research area that is a representation of the entire population. Both the qualitative and quantitative researchers approach their sampling differently.

For the quantitative researchers, samples which are selected are those that will give the researcher easy time…… [Read More]. Real Estate Bubble Began to. The successful realtor is not the one who can talk the smoothest, but the one who can put themselves within the client's perspective. Empathy is the "greatest characteristic that any realtor can possess. It allows you to create a real connection with the client and make decisions from their point-of-view rather than yours" Roos, By making connections with the customer, the successful realtor builds rapport and the experience of buying a house becomes a joint effort with the realtor as a part of the team, not as an outsider.

Delwin explain "real estate for many people is a money game, but I never think of it that way. I think of it as helping people fulfill a dream, because that is really what it's all about. Organizational Design Analysis There Are. It was not necessarily that Coca Cola wanted to invest in China, as it actually saw the opportunity to access a large consumer society and tried to get involved in exploiting this chance as fast as it possibly could. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce virtually recognized Coca Cola's hostile competition nature and concentrated on preventing the company from removing other products from the market.

The recent years saw the company experience graduate success in China as a result of using strategies that it should have used from the beginning. It appears that the Chinese public appreciates the fact that Coca Cola is no longer aggressive and is unhesitant…… [Read More].

Influence of Groups on Individuals. Groups or teams in a workplace play a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the ability of an organization or company to accomplish its desired objectives. In most cases, the groups are usually structured in different ways depending on various factors such as the number of people in the team, the established objectives, and the duration for the accomplishment of these objectives.

Moreover, the structure and purpose of the team is influenced by the type of organization where they are formed i. The firm provides highly flexible, customizable, and scalable products for Web Content Management. The marketing team or group meeting is vital because of the significance of this department in promoting the firm's productivity. Observation of the Marketing Team Meeting: As previously mentioned,…… [Read More]. Two Lesson Plans for 11th Grade.

Interdisciplinary Social Studies Lesson Lesson 1: Women's Rights Movement Standard This current lesson will satisfy the requirements set by the state in the standard, SS.

Essentially, this introduces 11th grade students to the civic nature of democracy and the United States Government. The lesson will help students "outline and evaluate and analyze the origins and meaning of the principles, ideals and core democratic values expressed in the foundational documents of the United States Ideals of United States Democracy " Teaching History, It is crucial within 11th grade to introduce students to the democratic process through examination of the nation's history.

Students will be able to understand how laws are made and altered as they are needed based on a changing national population. The specific standard within this larger set that will be addressed is SS. Here, students will be able to "explain the reasons for amendments ratified since …… [Read More]. Bar Mitzvah Experience the Bar. As girls were not allowed to lead religious services -- and still aren't in Orthodox congregations -- the concept of the bat mitzvah is less rotted in religious tradition and ceremony.

There were often parties held to celebrate a girls entrance into Jewish womanhood, often held in their twelfth year as it was believed and still is by many people, both religious and secular that girls mature faster than boys. But these had no real religious significance, and were instead cultural and familial ways to celebrate a girl's coming of age.

Today, bar and bat mitzvah's are conducted in much the same way in many reform and conservative congregations. Another change that has occurred in the modern concept of the bar mitzvah beyond the addition of a major ceremony to commemorate this event, according to Judaism jewfaq.

Grade Level 3rd the Student. Although these students are very active learners, they also enjoy reading silently and time for their own thinking. The students enjoy participating in sports, dancing, and singing. Luis Luis not his real name is a bright, outgoing 3rd grade boy. After speaking with Mrs. Jones, I learned he has been in the United States since the end of 1st grade. During the approximately two years Luis has lived in the United States, he has gone back to Mexico for extended periods.

Luis is verbal and is not shy. He can speak fairly well, but struggles with some English. The push in services Luis receives is from a paraprofessional who has had some ESL training. The Para comes in twice a day to work with Luis. Jones has taken the proactive approach of labeling "everything" in the room as well as partnering Luis with strong students.

Lesson Plan…… [Read More]. Piaget's Conservation This Experiment Is. The materials used consisted of standard wide-mouth beakers and taller and narrower graduated glass containers filled with various quantities of colored liquid. The liquid used was ordinary tap water containing blue food dye. The wide-mouth beakers had a maximum volume approximately three times that of the maximum volume of the taller glass containers.

The height of the wide-mouth beakers was 5. The diameter of the wide-mouth beakers was 3 inches; the diameter of the taller glass containers was 1 inch.

Before conducting a demonstration using the liquid, the experimenter engaged the subject in sufficient conversation to establish a rapport. The experimenter then asked the subject to look at the empty containers and hypothesize which container would likely hold more fluid, recording those results. Subjects who indicated an awareness of the conservation at this stage were interviewed and asked…… [Read More]. Does the Fisher Ury Model Work.

An Answer to the Limitations of the Fisher, Ury Model of Principled Negotiations This study aims to discover the ways in which blocked negotiations can be overcome by testing the Fisher, Ury model of principled negotiation against one of the researcher's own devising, crafted after studying thousands of negotiation trainees from over multinational corporations on 5 continents. It attempts to discern universal applications of tools, skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that may assist the negotiator in closing deals with what have been "traditionally" perceived as "difficult people.

The study takes a phenomenological approach to negotiations, with the researcher immersing himself in the world of negotiation training from , for several major multinational corporations, intuiting the failings of the negotiators with whom he comes in contact,…… [Read More]. Ethnography Defining the Scene the. Having experienced firsthand the reprieve his profession offers, the barometer of his success is simple, if there was no pain and no lingering side effects, then there was success.

Surgical Technologist I was also able to interview the surgical technologist. She occupied many of the duties I had always believed were held by the head nurse.

In fact the role of the surgical technologist entails not only having a detailed knowledge of the procedure in order to assist, but also an ability to anticipate a surgeon's need for different tools, set up the table of tools in precise order, and ensure that in the event of an emergency access to the necessary corrective instruments and supplies is as close to immediate as possible.

After the insight I was provided with about the function of the surgical team I was excited to hear how she would explain the meaning in her…… [Read More]. Teen Pregnancy Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy PAP mimicking the methods used by Lederman and Mian, , followed by a follow-up study that tracked the rates of pregnancy among participants in the PAP program.

Recommendations Overall, this paper shows that research articles on teen pregnancy such as Lederman and Mian, , could benefit from a closer look at anecdotal observations and the real-world impact on parents and children. In contrast, popular articles like the Health Conclusion In conclusion, the comparison of my observations of my field study placement for Girls Inc.

Both popular articles and empirical articles in the field could be improved, and a new study attempting to integrate academic components and anecdotal observations may create better…… [Read More]. Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists. There are a variety of approaches to diagnosis and treatment in American acupuncture that incorporates medical traditions from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Vietnam, and France. After reviewing the existing body of knowledge, the U. Food and Drug Administration reclassified acupuncture needles from the category of "experimental medical devices" in and now regulates them just as it does other devices, such as surgical scalpels and hypodermic syringes, under good manufacturing practices and single-use standards of sterility.

Angst and Aimlessness in Agnostic Youth. Cultural Observation Project Location of Observation: Shopping mall Youth Section Observation: Write at least two full pages of an observation response as to what you saw from your first field assignment experience. Use the first field assignment suggestions as some suggestive points to this response. This is more of an analytical "objective" observation from the head.

The shopping mall site that I selected meets the criteria of a secular well-attended local teenage ages 12 -- 18 "hot spot" because it contains attractions that are designed to draw young people to mall and keep them engaged in activities at the mall for relatively long periods of time. Like many shopping malls today, the site I chose rubs shoulders with a movie complex. Teenagers congregate on the "apron" just outside the theater before and after seeing movies.

And from the movie theater, the teenagers walk into the mall to investigate other…… [Read More]. Statistics the Intent of This. There are also ethical issues pertaining to the observational method that will be discussed later in this paper. Experience surveys are widely used throughout qualitative research studies, due to their focus on bringing greater insights into the study through the interviewing of experts in chosen fields.

There is also a strong focus on how to gain insights of experts in the future definition of the methodology being created, and how the research objectives can be more effectively accomplished as well. Experience surveys also are often used in the first stages of a research project.

Another qualitative research technique, the case study, takes the concept of gaining insight and applies it to an organization and its dynamics. A case study seeks to define and complete a thorough analysis of one or more specific circumstances within institution of interest. The goal of case studies is to measure the relationships, inter-dependencies and cause-and-effect…… [Read More]. Ethnological Investigation and Analysis Is Centered on.

Essentially, the aim of this research was to observe various cultural and social behavior patterns as they pertain to religion and spirituality in society. Two faiths were observed over a period of time. A Western religious faith such as Catholicism was compared to an Eastern faith such as Buddhism. This topic was chosen for a number of reasons. In the first instance religion is a central facet of all cultures and societies. The search for a larger and more existential meaning to life is a cultural trait that can be observed in every culture throughout human history.

It is therefore a subject that is central to cultural life and which has enormous ramifications in terms of its influence on other dimensions of cultural activity.

However, religion per se is a very broad and somewhat…… [Read More]. Students With Disabilities Who Did. The shift toward standardized testing has failed to result in a meaningful reduction of high school dropout rates, and students with disabilities continue to be marginalized by the culture of testing in public education Dynarski et al. Special education issues that demand more immediate attention include a ensuring that special education teachers have appropriate textbooks, b providing special education teachers with help to complete needed paperwork relative to student assessments and intervention; and c investigating why "a disproportionate number of children of color end up in special education" Shorr, , p.

Without giving the proper attention to special education, the ongoing challenge of dropping out among students with disabilities cannot be addressed. It is…… [Read More]. Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Next. Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Next Terror: In the modern world, most terror groups have resolved to use Weapons of Mass Destruction to harm their enemies.

The entire syndicate comprises state actors and the terror group, which intends to destroy the target country. The state actors have direct links or channels of communication with such attackers, foreign allies, and several residential alliances with almost similar connections to the terror groups.

Most of the terror groups lack essential materials that would aid in the making of some of the most dangerous weapons such as nuclear bombs.

The various forms of attack involved when using lethal weapons include dispersion, dissemination, and…… [Read More].

Data Collection Process Is an. Again, since data collection methods are relevant to specific research studies based on their questions, hypotheses, and literature reviews, this funneling of "phenomena of interest" should ideally suit most research studies -- so long as the those methods are tailored to meet a particular study. When researchers have narrowed down certain characteristics or behaviors that they are looking to observe in their study, they can do with a variety of technological applications for auditory or visually recording their sample participants, and do in increments with measures such as rating scales or checklists -- each of which allows a researcher to denote how much of what he or she is looking for is actually being observed.

Measurement, the assigning of numeric values to certain attributes identified and researched within a study, is an integral component of gauging how much of a particular characteristic one is able to observe, either through…… [Read More].

Science and the Nature of. The information collected through these observations would then be documented and organized in ways that support the understanding of the underlying phenomena Wolff, Throughout history, scientific revolution has always centered on investigations that are conducted and developed through various observations.

This process of investigation or observation has also included the review of existing scientific beliefs or practices. According to Francis Bacon, scientific revolution begins from existing evidence and gradually proceeds from specific observations to provisional generalizations or theories. The process is then cautiously repeated to establish some general truths that can be the basis of people's beliefs. The scientific investigations that form the nature of scientific revolution are also based on observations that are directed by theory.

Rather than the mere collection and tabulation of data, scientific observations are in the form of hypotheses, which are also known as experiments. This is largely because experiments help in approving or…… [Read More]. Metaphysics vs Psychology Metaphysics and. Ibid, paraphrased the cosmologic philosopher is stated to be on who "contemplates the nature of this order and is concerned with the relationships between the plants, the stars and the earth.

The laws of the universe are important topics to cosmologic philosophers. They consider the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of gravity, etc. They are also concerned with time and space, with power and motion, disintegration, and preservation.

Philosophical and Empirical Foundations of. Behaviorism Behaviorism sought to understand observable behavior instead of the workings of the mind or even its functions. Some psychologists even insisted that psychology was the science of behavior. Watson denied the existence of a separate realm of conscious events. However, I now feel more comfortable at the thought of teaching other content areas, grade levels, and even special education.

I was given the chance to observe an English as a Second Language class at the tenth grade level. When first learning about ESL classes this semester I thought I would never want to teach this type of class. This is one of the classes that I am most interested in now. I enjoyed watching the teachers and students interactions, but I did not care for the method of instruction.

Although, the teacher used student-centered instruction, it seemed as though he was unable to relate the vocabulary of the activity to some of the students because of the language barrier. I imagined various technology and resources that the instructor could have used. This is an area that I hope to observe more in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of observation time in the field this semester. I have realized that I am on the right track to a rewarding career.

I am still inspired and more determined to become an educator. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from other teachers. Mostly, I was inspired by their patience, innovation, determination, and their compassion for each individual student.

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The purpose of a field report in the social sciences is to describe the observation of people, places, and/or events and to analyze that observation data in order to identify and categorize common themes in relation to the .

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Apr 26,  · The field of health human resources in the health field deals with issues such as planning, performance, management, development, information, retention, and research on human resources in the health sector Successful realization the mission and goals in this field is determined by the dedication and skills that the specialists possess. Field Observation Reflection Paper. Kelli Jordan. Manchester College. EDUC Introduction to Teaching. Jordan 2 The best way for someone to determine if they really would like to go into a certain field is to observe and talk to others who are already in the discipline. This is especially important for.

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FIELD OF OBSERVATION: Football is back in full force and the pre-season games are just the tip of the was the Hall of fame game with Dallas Cowboys versus the Miami Dolphins. Sunday I watched the Pre-season football game; it was a fantastic day the excitement that was clutching in watching Dallas wins by I have learned a lot about the teaching profession this semester. My dream has always been to become an Elementary teacher. I had the opportunity to observe many classrooms, especially at the Elementary grade levels.