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❶If you care about your customers, then you need to reimburse me for those horrible and unfair charges!!!

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I concur with the above reports. HP customer service is worse than poor. I purchased a HP convertible lap top in September it crashed Jan They stated it was water damaged. I had never brought water near it. We are now Dell and Apple users. I am still paying the bill and they were super mean about the whole situation. He was definitely trying to cheat an old lady, me. An advisor like that makes me want to blame the company.

Since my other HP printer was still working great, I put it in my closet for the time being. Well yesterday my old HP printer quit working and lo and behold I wanted to hook up my brand new printer.

Box was sealed, inside was no packing for the printer, no installation CD, no bonus software for making scrapbooks, artist craft studio. But did find a death certificate. Please contact me …I need the manuals and CDs. Thank you for all your help on this matter. I only use HP printers and computers in my home becasuse I love your product so much. Can HP help me out? I would like reimbursed. I also would like to be able to return the cartridges so someone could use them.

They have never been used. Called customer service last night. Their fast talking did not work with me. I asked supervisor for a place in my area that I could have it look at. He suggested the Geek Squad. I called them and a very kind female said that she did not think that was the answer. She believed my laptop was repairable not to do erase all. You are not the only fish in the ocean.

Who do you contact when assistance is needed with Download was successful for windows When you do find the phone number the wait has been as long as 1 hour! HP support is nothing but a money grab. HP as far as I am concerned u r scum.

Besides, the hp computer I bought was a windows 8. So, no more Microsoft devices, period! I am having trouble contacting someone at HP to inform them of the issues we are having shipping a defective printer back. FedEx has screwed up several times, and have not picked it up yet.

Please contact me to confirm you have received this message. FedEx will try again tomorrow. This service I have highly recommended until now but we have been without ink for nearly a week. No one has answered any calls since then, even though I hang on for half an hour. Does anyone care enough to answer this email? Nine months later and the computer is falling apart the screen is breaking away from the keyboard. Under warranty, the laptop was returned to Fremont, CA for repairs.

If a product is within the warranty period, why is there an extra charge for service? You cannot even contact them. There is no customer service. I tried their download, but it will not install.

I feel that I am stuck. I would not buy another HP again. I will be in touch with my credit card company and the better business bureau here in Colorado springs,co. Website for support has a incorrect phone number???? Need service but no way to contact support?? Please cancel this order complete and I will return this week with the laptop with the correct specifications. Please confirm to my this order has been cancelled please.

On Sunday, March 20, when turning on my laptop I noticed the screen did not full load, instead the blue circle continued to rotate on the screen. I was on the telephone for 33 minutes when I was informed by the representative the department I needed to speak with was closed.

She said she would have a representative from that department call me the following day at 6: Neither phone call was ever received. On March 21, at 6: The representative was very apologetic and was conducted further troubleshooting until after 17 minutes when the call was disconnected.

Luckily the representative called back and after 16 more minutes it was determined they would be sending a USB drive out to restore the computer. On March 23, the USB was received and unfortunately did not work. I continued to received the following error: This computer is not supported by the system recovery media. You will not be able to continue to recover this system with these media.

After several disconnected calls, I was leaving the house and took my laptop and cell phone in the car and would continue the troubleshooting while driving. She did state toward the end that she felt another USB would need to be sent and the call was disconnected. I never received another call back from HP. On March 23, at 8: I do not understand why no one has been able to fix this laptop and why I continue to get transferred and hung up on.

I purchased this laptop recently and have used it maybe 5 times therefore there is no reason I should have to deal with in inoperable piece of equipment and be inconvenienced by having to deal with this. I purchased this item to use it, not to spend my evenings on the telephone with HP Customer Support.

I would appreciate someone taking the time to look into this issue and would appreciate follow-up on how and when it will be resolved. Thank you in advance.

I now have 2 broken HP printers and it has been impossible to get a phone call or an mail through to HP to find out location of a service center for repairs and or spareparts. It has been a very frustrating experience that has teken em up way too much time filling out webforms and navigating phone menus that lead absolutely nowhere. Difficult to understand people talking with as well as system.

Not the most efficient use of my time. Two representatives just hung up on me and told me I wasted their time. I need to speak to a supervisor immediately. I will be attempting to reach out via social media because I cannot believe the rude service HP reps just provided me with. I am trying to reach someone, anyone, to tell them about my experience and the quality of the computer I purchased. Both in the back corners under the hinges. When i open the lap top one corner would separate over a quarter of an inch.

I took it into Best Buy where I purchase it and after waiting in line for an hour due to them being short-handed day, I was told I would have to go through HP. So I called HP support and after a time was able to talk to a live person, but this person could not help me and would transfer me to someone that could. She said that if I got cut off, they had my number to call be back. I got but off but no one did. So after 49 minutes on the phone, an order was placed.

I told my wife about this and she remembered finding a small screw some months ago and was able to find what she did with it. It held the hinge nice and tight. So I immediately called back to cancel the order. After another 54 minutes and talking to 4 different support personnel, none of which could cancel the order, I was told a supervisor was notified to cancel the order and was given the part number for a screw kit to replace the other missing screw.

However, someone else would have to help me with that and that someone would call me back for that. I am in the US, but I think most of the personnel I spoke to may have been in India and hard for me to understand.

My printer Under guaranty stopped functioning. Ink cartridge not moving. After contacting HP and trying to fix the problem with a technician. At this time I was impressed with such a service. Unfortunately the printer provided faced the same problem. On the phone it is often very difficult to understand the HP tech whose accent is very strong.

First impression was very positive, second one disappointing. After having a problem with my Photosmart , it was determined by the techs that the printer needed to be replaced. The supervisor handled the problem swiftly and got a replacement in 2 business days. When I received the replacement I had everything working except printing from the spooler.

Dan, the tech in the ink jet printer section,. He tried everything that he could think of to correct the problem. Ultimately he discovered the spooler had been corrupted. I told him that I would have my computer tech to work on my unit, because of the work that he put in to correct the problem, I felt that he had gone beyond the limit to try and satisfy me.

This kind of service will be rewarded by my telling everyone how good I was treated. Rest assured I will be buying HP products in the future. I spoke to customer service on yesterday regarding information I sent in Feb.

Trying to reach customer service with HP is horrible….. I placed an order and an hour later it shows it was cancelled.. I tried Live Chat but they were not able to help me…. I tried placing a re-order and hour later it was cancelled. So frustrating with no explanation of why the orders are being cancelled. I cannot believe that the number 11 company on the fortune list does not have customer service based solutions.

I live in the US and it is impossible to get anyone on the line that actually understands what I am asking. What a joke, actually it is embarrassing as an American. Shame on you HP. This is bullshit, will not get any more of my money. I am on my second Hp laptop in the last 5 years and it is my last. Spent over for the first one and about for the last one and have had nothing but trouble with both.

I reluctantly bought the second one because it was easier to match up with a Hp printer I have and I hoped for better luck. I will take my business elsewhere. Wrong equipment delivered to my home and left out in the rain. In a hurry to get your credit card number — slow to remove charge even after verification that equipment had been returned.

A lot of promise without delivery on said promises. I have an HP Officejet Pro It needs a new bulb to be able to see the display.

All options lead to dead ends. There are a few mundane support questions that repeat on every access point. I will never buy an HP product again. If anyone monitors this site you should be ashamed of all of these comments.

I guess Hewlett Packard could care less about the consumer, its products, or its customer service. Bravo at being the most apathetic company, ever. You will be looking for a job like everybody else,and not many companies will put up with your ways. Yu call that customrr support??? We told them to send it back, and its been over a month and we still have not received it. No one knows English at all, been on hold for hours on end. No liquids have been even close to that computer.

The other 94 were incompetent. Always ask specifically the customer the problem. Not jump ahead and mess with the computer. Most do not listen. I pay for customer service and get abused? When i ask for an escalation manger, I am told they will call back in hrs.

Excuse me, as a paying customer, I am not that important? Only at their convenience. Wake up and treat the paying customer right. Many corporations are failing. Did not treat the customer right. Amazon is blowing many away. Do not ask yourself what happened to HP when your jobs are gone. You did not provide great customer service. Seriously the HP customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, even worse than their products. On top of that the so called higher level people are even more arrogant than anybody else, echoing as if you take what we give or leave it.

Absolutely no HP anymore for my entire business needs. HP customer service is really bad, I got so many options to choose from that is overwhelming, a waste of time really, no help. When I called the second time finally I was able to talk to someone, but the connection was really bad, static and loud, the guy from the other country said to call back again.

I spent 30 minutes trying to deal with HP. Issue not resolved yet. I have tried to get help through HP Friends quick connect and have received nothing but a startup page for over an hour each time if I do not here from you I will call my credit card co. I just received the printer this morning and now I feel completely violated!

I have always purchased HP Products. If you care about your customers, then you need to reimburse me for those horrible and unfair charges!!! Automated voice asks all kinds of questions and at the end drops the call. Hi my name ankit jain from trinity info serve pvt. Very happy with our hardware. BUT, deciding on HP technical support was the worst decision we ever made as the frustration of trying to understand foreign accents was beyond us almost leading to divorce!

It would have been brilliant if he had helped us technically — as i hope you understand. Would appreciate exactly who we can register a complaint with and hope to warn any future customers against HP Technical Support.

This is about a commercial plan printer that we purchased, case Paid extra for installation. Richard, one of the installers, had an attitude when he arrived. We were told that the printer would not go in the place we wanted it, yet there was a printer in that same spot before!!! Total waste of my money to have someone come and install!!! Do you seriously think, when one buys ah HP product, that you should not provide help to that customer on how to use the product?!

No, you apparently think that, having paid for the product, the customer should have to pay a monthly fee to be told how to use that product! I am only one person, and my purchase apparently means nothing to you. It is a piece of excrement, and they will not provide any support on it. I am deeply, sincerely, disappointed in your company!

I am sure that both Mr. Packard are rolling around in their graves over the abominable way you have run their company into the ground! You should look at yourself in the mirror and spit on your reflection. HP is the most difficult place to get anything resolved. After an hour of wasting my time. It will not be a HP product. Email sent to HP Concerning the keyboard I ordered on this personal computer after looking at some options I wanted a backlit keyboard and the color of the keyboard and keys was ash silver, ash silver as the HP SPECTRE x shows is a bright silver color.

A few other HP products with ash silver showed a bright silver color for the keyboard keys and the area surrounding the actual keyboard. However, when I received the laptop I ordered, the keys and keyboard around the keys were almost a black color. Is there a way HP can replace the black keyboard and area around the keyboard that I received with the laptop I ordered with a backlit silver keyboard and silver area around the keyboard as I ordered?

Will never purchase another HP product because of terrible tech support. I live in the United States. I always get a poor phone connection. The last time after being transferred at least 6 times, with no help at all I gave up! We usually replace the imaging drum every three months and its quite expensive. I will write a scathing YELP denunciation of this wretched company, which deserves to go out of business.

Yeah, HP is useless for customer service and or repair. I got upsided with the phone numbers and excuses, threw it in the trash and spent more money for another brand machine. New unit is less complicated and results are many times improved….. They insisted to deliver it within 3 days by service engineer and told that approx Rs. It was delivered after 6 days and instead of Rs. They did not provided any money reciept against that servicing. They told that there is no such provision by our company to provide the bill.

How do we know that for what services they have charged money. How can we further claim for any default in future for any replacement done. If not satisfied i have to go to consumer court for further action. Please take necessary steps for customer satisfaction. I purchase a new hp printer today, got home started the following instructions.

Since an setup disk was provided I tried to use it to install the software. I opened cd files and clicked on setup and Iget an error message asking what app do I want to use to open this file. There were no instructions provided fo using the cd for installation. I have read about Hp having terrible Customer Support. I tried calling Customer Support but had to wai about 20 Minutes to be told by the that I needed to call another number which he gave me.

I called that number, it was an automated number that understand anything I said so I hung up. Every time I call I get a different answer. Is there help anywhere for customers. HP has billed me I did not get an email saying it was installed so I ordered mcafee myself on I receive my credit card and have been billed twice.

No one has been able to resolve. I have spoken to your people and been sent to mcafee. I have spoken to them as well and they send me back to you. I do not want to pay for this service twice. I do, however, have my statement from my credit card showing double billing. Tft Monitor Compaq Led F Kindly check and recover the problem as early as possible. I have no idea how to set it up as it came with no instructions.

Can some one please help me?!!!!!!!!!! Having a lot of trouble resolving what should be a small problem. I use the instant ink service. My printer is telling me to insert a cartridge. I do not have one and nothing it seems has been dispatched. Been through all the prompts on the system. Would just like a live chat line or perhaps too much to ask for a proper telephone call. I could not find an email address to contact HP, so I am using this way to contact you.

I could not get it to work using in the black ink cartridge in box. In total, HP has 4 phone numbers. It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to HP representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource. Contacting HP - by phone or otherwise While is HP's best toll-free number, there are 11 total ways to get in touch with them.

The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other HP customers, is by calling their phone number for their Technical Support department. Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via for Technical Support. If you think this information is inaccurate or know of other ways to contact HP please let us know so we can share with other customers.

And you can click here if you want to compare all the contact information we've gathered for HP. Was this page helpful?

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