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❶Organizational understructure and leadership:

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If you do not receive e-mail in your 'inbox', check your 'bulk mail' or 'junk mail' folders. Journal of Management Research. User Username Password Remember me. Journal of Management Research is an online journal, peer-reviewed and published by Macrothink Institute.

The journal publishes papers in business, management, marketing, finance, organizational development, corporation administration, human resource management and relevant subjects. Authors must ensure that their papers are free of spelling and grammatical errors and typos. Research papers and research notes should not exceed 8, and 3, words, respectively. According to Wickremasinghe , foreign exchange market … These results are inconsistent with those of other studies Perera, ; Silva, 9.

List of references should show each citation in alphabetical order. A motivational technique that works. Goal setting and task performance. Psychological Bulletin, 90, - Toward an observation system for measuring leader behavior in natural settings.

What do successful managers really do? An observational study of managerial activities. Toward an understanding of the leadership role in formal organizations. Leading workers to lead themselves: The external leadership of self-managing work teams.

Administrative Science Quarterly, 32, - An empirical test of the Vroom and Yetton Model. Journal of Management Studies, 16, 45 - The observation of high-performing educational managers: Methodological problems and managerial implications. Power, influence, and authority: The hazards of carrying a sword Technical Report In pursuit of the manager's job: Building on Mintzberg Technical Report Decision makers at work.

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A potential threat to the internal validity of leader behavior questionnaires. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 20, 93 - Corporate attributions as strategic illusions of management control. Who gets power and how they hold on to it: A strategic contingency model of power. Constraints on administrative direction: The limited influence of mayors on city budgets.

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Theories and measures of leadership: A study of upward influence in organizations. Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, - Is the simultaneous verbal protocol a viable method for studying managerial problem solving and decision making? A longitudinal study of process and performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 36, - Participation in decision making. Are top executives transferable across companies.

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The justification of organizational performance. Administrative Science Quarterly, 28, - Choices for the manager: A guide to understanding managerial work. A survey of the literature. On qualitative methods and leadership research. An international perspective on managerial behavior and leadership. A meta-analytic investigation of Fiedler's contingency model of leadership effectiveness.

Matching managers to strategies: A review and suggested framework. Academy of Management Review, 9, - Influence styles of project managers: Some project performance correlates. Academy of Management Journal, 17, - Does leadership make a difference to organizational performance? Administrative Science Quarterly, 33, - The Vroom-Yetton model and managerial decision making. Journal of Occupational Behavior, 7, - Articles in press Research article Abstract only The effect of delegation of decision rights and control: The case of lending decisions for small firms.

Research article Abstract only Relationships among types of use, levels of sophistication, and organizational outcomes of performance measurement systems: The crucial role of design choices. Research article Abstract only Subjective bonuses and target setting in budget-based incentive contracts.

Research article Abstract only The moderating role of decision mode in subjective performance evaluation. Research article Abstract only Interview-based research in accounting — Informal norms, translation and vibrancy. Research article Abstract only From emotionality to the cultivation of employability:

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This brings us back to the question of whose interests are served by business research. Traditionally, the ultimate constituency for organizational research was managers.

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Managerial research is a broad topic that covers a range of aspects, whether these are strategic, tactical or technical. People often confuse Managerial research with other research forms, but in fact managerial research differs to a great extent from social and other research types.

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This article will focus on managerial economics. It will provide an analysis of the different types of economic tools, methods, and approaches used by business managers to solve business decisions. This article reviews and evaluates major theories of leadership and summarizes findings from empirical research on leadership. Major topics and controversies include leadership versus management, leader traits and skills, leader behavior and activities, leader power and influence, situational determinants of leader behavior, situational moderator variables, transformational leadership.

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The concept of managerial relevance continues to be a significant topic for both research faculty and business schools alike. Despite decades of debate, it is surprising that there is virtually no work on the nature of the concept itself. Business and management research is a systematic inquiry that helps to solve business problems and contributes to management knowledge. It Is an applied research. Four factors (Easterby-Smith, ) combine to make business and management a distinctive focus for research.