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How to create custom HTML Helpers using MVC 4 Razor


❶Code in views should be as simple as possible, that's the whole point of having these HtmlHelpers in the first place. It promote the use of reusable code.

Understanding HTML Helpers

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Privacy Policy MVC Custom Html Helper using Static Methods. Second available approach for creating Custom Html Helper is by using Static Methods. It’s also as simple as that of above mentioned Extension Method approach. We will create a static method for TextBox that renders an HTML TextBox as string.

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Creating Custom HTML Helpers (C#) 10/07/; 6 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. by Microsoft. Download PDF. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how you can create custom HTML Helpers that you can use within your MVC views.

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HTML Custom Helpers HTML helper is a method that returns a HTML string. Then this string is rendered in view. MVC provides many HTML helper methods. It also provides facility to create your own HTML helper methods. Once you create your helper method you can reuse it many times. There are two ways in MVC to create custom Html helpers as below. Following HTML helpers are available to be used with strongly typed views: healtlife.tkxFor; healtlife.tkeaFor; healtlife.tkrdFor; healtlife.tkFor; healtlife.tkoxFor; healtlife.tkuttonFor; healtlife.tkwnListFor; healtlife.tkxFor; Creating Custom HTML Helpers. If we want to create our own HTML helpers than that can also be done very easily.

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Sometime inbuilt helpers don’t provide the desire result, but MVC provides the concept of custom helper using what we can create as an html helper according our requirement. MVC providesthree ways to define the custom html helper. Beacause custom html helper is returning simple string then we can encode it to html string using helper and include required namespace healtlife.tks in your view where you want to use custom html helper.