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Mi'kmaq hieroglyphic writing

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❶Introductory Ojibwe in Severn dialect.

Native American Symbols

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Writing in Symbols - Pictures and Videos of Native Americans Writing in Symbols with Worksheets and activities. Discover the vast selection of pictures which relate to the History of Native Americans and illustrate many decorations and symbols used by American Indians.

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Native American Symbols, Totems & Their Meanings – Digital Download The context of each image is extremely important and integral to its meaning. Today’s native people have stated that the placement of each petroglyph image was not a casual or random decision.

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Explain that Native Americans used symbols like the ones shown. Encourage students to think of their own original symbols for words that are not listed. Draw and write these on the board or chart paper. Hand out copies of the Pictograph Story reproducible. Prompt students to write a story on the “hide”. Symbol Stories: Indian symbols told a story. For example, a story might be, "In the year of the plenty food, people had time to talk together." In time, that became the sign for talking together. Indian Symbols: Here are some Indian symbols.

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Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Cross in a Circle Symbol. Indian Symbols and Meanings Use this activity to help students learn about Native American culture. In this resource, students write a message using the written symbols of the Southwest Native Americans creating a deeper understanding.