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Paper Mache Trees – Handcrafted Wedding Decor

How to Make a Paper-Mâché Tree

❶I love the idea and you did a great job!

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She did an outstanding job, and I can see why her guests were so impressed. I emailed you about a year and a half ago. I asked you for some advice on how to make the texture bark appearance on a tree. You had told me to use paper towel. They worked and were amazing! I made 20 paper mache trees for my wedding centerpieces. I want to thank you for your help.

I have attached some pics with this email. These trees took me 11months to finish. I have a full time job too so it took me a long time. It took up my whole upstairs living room for a long time. At the wedding, I told people they were able to bring them home. I kept 2 of my favs. People fought over them. She used the basic information she found here and built her trees using her own designs and creativity, which I think is fantastic. Here are a few more photos showing how the centerpieces looked on all the tables, and a closeup of the bark texture:.

No, there are no papier mache trees in nature. You will be using paper products to construct whatever your fancy is, so I guess you will be using trees which have been processed into pulp and then paper… Lani. Hi Jonni, luv-luv-luv your site.

I entered a search engine and to my amazement I was brought to your site, and posted are the tree center pieces from KT Scherer. I have no pics though! I was so busy with the party that I had no pics taken of them at the time. I would love to know and read that others do too! Our Daily Sculptors page gets the most visitors, so if you post them there more people will see them. Hey Jonni me again I just started my first tree which looks nothing like hers but its still looks decent.

I used a papertowel roll as the base and wrapped in in aluminum foil and shaped the branches in foil. I put or pebbles in the bottom to make it stand straight.

Today we have a guest post from Gennifer, an educator and anthroposophy student living in New Zealand. Gennifer creates three dimensional paintings using traditional paper mache. During our correspondence, Jonni saw photo documentation of the process I was developing and kindly asked me to write a guest post for her web site.

The idea is pretty straightforward: I wanted to develop a cheap, viable way to turn unwanted materials like cardboard and newspaper into art. After developing an idea and sketching, the first thing I do is select a base for the work. The tall boxes have nice rectangles to work with; I just take a box cutter to one of the sides and save the rest of the panels for future use.

Next, I build the 3D elements using cardboard and newspaper. They are small, individual armatures that I fuse to the cardboard base with tape. The piece is now ready for the cold or cooked flour paste and newspaper application. I do a few layers of application, using small strips of newspapers, allowing time for drying between each application.

Next, I do a final paper mache layer using paper towels and cold flour paste. I like the different textures that can be achieved with the paper towels. After the final layer of paint has dried, I do a final clear finish. You can use polyurethane or purchase a bottle of matte or gloss finish from an art supply shop. Because I am applying flour and water to cardboard, the base starts to warp after the first or second paper mache application.

I happen to like the effect of the corners bending up, but to counteract it from warping too much I flip the piece over and weigh it down with heavy books for a few days after the last layer has dried.

While it retains a warped look, the back remains flat for mounting fixtures. This process is still very much in development, but I am happy to share it.

I have Jonni and her amazing web site to thank for getting me started. I like your star paper mache piece, especially with the cross shapes indented……. I was very delighted doing paper mache containers a few years ago and we used common white paste, diluted with water, to coat each piece of paper with. The forms we used were jars; boxes etc.

Thanks for your post! It looks like she just used masking tape to cover the cardboard shapes. Her paintings do warp, but she likes that effect.

This tree stands in my girls' room. It's made of wire and paper mache, and then painted. I did glue some brown tissue paper on to 'undercoat' the trunk brown so I wouldn't have to paint it as much, and it also doubled up as good bark texture. I love having a creative house. I think of my house like a big art canvas.

Be gone white walls! As I keep saying to my husband, who mildly cringes every time I attack a blank wall, what did you expect when you married an artist!? I attached fairy lights to the roof, and stamped the roof with a home made leaf stamp and pinned up some fabric and paper.

The walls are painted with acrylic paints. I just used students acrylics because it's cheaper for a big area. The did the job. I also added some fake plants which really helped with the overall look.

So, you can lie down beneath the tree and gaze up into the tree tops Or you can crawl inside to rest or read a favourite book.

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These easy to follow steps to making a paper-mâché tree will result in a realistic-looking tree that you are free to customize according to your project. and prepare your paper-mâché paste. You can use a slightly watered down wallpaper paste, or the classic flour and water glue (1 part flour to 2 parts water). Now you need to build.

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Find this Pin and more on VBS Journey Off The Map by Ron Meadows. from Pinterest. How to: Paper mache tree on the wall for the Cheshire Cat The Tree of Gondor, maybe? Posts from the perspective of an artist sharing ideas, instructions and inspiration in various media including drawing, painting, and designing.

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Paper Mache Wall Art – a Guest Tutorial by Jonni Good Today we have a guest post from Gennifer, an educator and anthroposophy student living in New Zealand. Product Features Paper Mache Covered with Recycled Sari Fabric Stick out 8 Inches from Wall.

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