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Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man: Summary & Analysis

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❶Ross, back at the hospital, is awakened by Gerhard. It was a fact that they all tended to forget.

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We spotlight the book and movie versions of The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton including newly revealed content from The Official Michael Crichton Archives.

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The Terminal Man has 21, ratings and reviews. Anne said: The Terminal Man is so far my least favorite of all Michael Crichton's novels. (I'm al /5.

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The Terminal Man is a book that Stephen King convinced me to read. I read King's short story called "The Woman In The Room." The story is in King's collection Night Shift and briefly mentions how, according to Crichton, putting wires in people's heads can be a very bad scene/5(). Terminal man by Michael Crichton is a creative suspense filled book from page one to the twisting end that will have you flipping the pages over and over again. Harry Benson is a middle aged man 4/4(68).

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The Terminal Man, by Michael Crichton The Terminal Man is one of the earliest novels by Michael Crichton, and can be easily described in a word that rhymes with his last name. Frighten. The Terminal Man is a thrilling novel about a man named Harry Benson who suffers from intense, violent seizures after a . The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton - book cover, description, publication history.