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❶This paper presents arguments and theories from a number of different articles or published reports concerning a specific topic; it utilizes elements of both the report and the review in that it provides an analysis of the subject using reputable sources, but also regards variations between the conclusions and arguments of these researchers.

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Remember that every research paper is a story.

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Participant description should include the subject's binomial nomenclature if non-human subjects were used, and any specific recruitment criteria or special arrangements like compensation if participants are human. The testing procedure and materials used should be explained in such a way that a reader could replicate your study.

All statistical measures used to interpret your data should be specified. The results section gives the specific data resulting from your study. Your statistics should, of course, be relevant to the type of data you are evaluating for instance, if you are only comparing two means you should be using a student t-test, not an ANOVA. If you use tables or figures in your data section, you must cite them accordingly, and they should be organized by relevant variables.

Any inferential statistics should be appropriate for your hypothesis, and should be stated directly and concisely. This section provides discussion of your data and a restatement of your findings. You should look at patterns in the data and relationships among the variables you researched and discuss any conclusions which may arise from your data, but make sure you do not make any conclusions unsupported by your data.

Remember that you cannot "prove" your hypothesis was correct, because there might always be some underlying cause to your results other than the variable you tested. Discuss how your conclusions relate to the research you examined in your introduction, and what steps could be taken to improve your study if there were any confounding variables, and what may have contributed to any discrepancies between your expected results and the actual results.

Consider to what extent your results are conclusive and can be generalized to the entire population, and clearly state the "take-home" message of your study's findings at the end. Include all cited articles in standard APA format; your sources should all be scholarly and preferably peer-reviewed since works like review articles or textbooks are not peer-reviewed, they are not subject to the same scholastic scrutiny as research articles.

Although your sources should generally all be recent, you may cite classic studies if they are applicable. All sources cited should be from the original work if possible-- that is to say, if you reference information pertaining to a study done in through a reference in a article, you must go to the original source for documentation.

If the original source is unavailable, make sure when referencing that study in your literature review to make clear that it was cited in a different article, and cite the later article in your references section.

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WRITING PAPERS IN PSYCHOLOGY offers you frameworks, tips, guidelines, and sample illustrations for writing research reports or literature reviews that must conform to style recommendations of the American Psychological Association/5(6).

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Learn more about different types of psychology papers and find tips for planning, writing, and editing your papers. Types of Psychology Papers Lab reports describe the events and outcomes of a research project or experiment and have the same structure as a scholarly journal article.

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COLLEGE Writing Center Harvard College Writing Program Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University WRITING CENTER BRIEF GUIDE SERIES A Brief Guide to Writing the Psychology Paper The Challenges of Writing in Psychology Psychology writing, like writing in the other sciences, is meant to inform the reader about a new idea, theory or experiment. Guide to Writing a Research Report for Psychology Included in this guide are suggestions for formatting and writing each component of a research report as well as tips for writing in a style appropriate for Psychology papers.

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Writing tips for psychology papers. Psychology is a behavioral science, and writing in psychology is similar to writing in the hard sciences. See our handout on writing in the sciences. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides an . Psychology paper writing service. Psychology is a practical subject with a wide study area. Students of psychology are faced with the tasks of attending every lecture as well as completing several assignments. This is a challenge. The students have both academic responsibilities and social life to balance.